Review: Soft Pack

I had never heard of a packer until I started reviewing sex toys.  I knew about strap ons, but having a soft cock in my shorts?  That sounds like it could be fun.  So I requested the Soft Pack Mini in Vanilla from Babeland to go with my SpareParts Pete Packer Briefs which I will also be reviewing soon.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Gender play
  • Materials: Real-feel Superskin
  • Size: Mini – 3.5″, Small – 5.75″, Medium – 6.75″, Large – 7.75″
  • Price: Mini – $16.00, Small – $18.00, Medium – $20.00, Large – $22.00
  • Pros: Super realistic looking; Looks and feels good under clothes; Also good for gag gifts, props, and demonstration models; Doesn’t smell bad; Overall amusing
  • Cons: Balls don’t feel as real as they could; Materials is a bit delicate
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

soft pack packing penis from babeland in mini vanilla

The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack comes sealed in plastic pack and that’s about it so I’m going to hop right into talking about the product itself.  The Soft Pack is a packing dildo/penis that you can use to put in a packing strap or underwear to mimic the look and feel of having a soft under your pants.  The idea of gender play is interesting to me and while I could never truly pull off looking like a male in public, damn you big breasts, it’s fun to play around with.  I did get a pair of packing underwear to try this in but I’m going to talk more about actually using this a packer in that review.  I also recommend keeping it in a small plastic bag to keep it clean.

The images on the website don’t really do it justice on how realistic it looks.  The balls have great detail, even so far as the bumps from hair folics and such.  The shaft shows the large vein on the underside as well as wrinkles of skin.  It is a circumcised packer.  I have never seen a packer that did not look like an uncircumcised penis, so if you’re really interested in that you may have to look around for that.  The look really amuses me since it does look so realisic.  Aside from a packer it would make a great gag gift or product to play a joke on someone with.  As far as size it’s about 3.5″.  Babeland suggested the Mini for a more realistic feel under the clothes so that’s what I went with.  I can’t imagine getting something bigger, the bulge just would look a little fake.  Now as far as the texture, it does feel very life like.  It’s soft to the touch and super squishy and stretchy.  It’s made from what Babeland lists as Real-feel Supeskin which I believe is a cyberskin/elastomer like material.  Since it is so squishy, I would say it could even be a gag stress ball.  It does also feel fairly real when under pants.  The only complaint I have is that the balls are just squishy like the rest of the shaft.  I think it would feel better if there were small harder balls inserted to make them feel really life like.

soft pack packing penis from babeland in mini vanilla

Why.. my bed sprouted a penis and balls!

The material itself is fairly easy to clean.  I suggest using only a mild soap and water and then dusting it with baby powder or corn starch after it dries to help prevent it from getting sticky.  It’s very much like cyberskin expect it doesn’t have the awful smell that other cyberskin products I’ve tried have.  It does leave your hands feeling a little oily, but it’s not bad, especially since you .  The material is fairly delicate and mine has a few imperfections on the bottom.  My suggestion is don’t play with them.  I poked and prodded at them a bit and they do get bigger so mine has a few pockmarks on the base.  I didn’t notice any imperfections along the balls or shaft though.  As far as the handling required to put it into packing underwear or a strap, it can take that.  It can also take a few drops and will hilarious-ly bounce across the floor (come on, you guys know you want to watch a penis bounce across the floor!).  Also be sure to keep it away from sharp objects and points.

Overall, I think the Soft Pack is a great packer.  It seems inexpensive and it’s very realistic looking and feeling.  It is a fairly delicate material, but not so much it makes it unusable.  I think it has some other uses besides a packer such as for gags, props, and stress relief.  I think it could even be used a demonstration and practice prop for CBT.  It comes in four sizes and two colorations so I’m sure you can find one to fit your needs.

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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  • lol I thought you had an actual penis in your hand at first glance. Does look real and sounds like fun I totally wanna try this at work, I wonder if I’d get hit on less or more so

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