Review: Succubus Sleeve

I get all giddy when a company contacts me to ask me to review some of their products, so I was super excited when Queen Cat Adult Toys wanted me to review some of their products.  So today I’m going to review the Succubus Standard Ripple Soft.  Oh and when I get back (as Adonis forgot to bring it with him on break to take pictures for me) I’ll get my own pictures up!

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Male Jerk of Sleeve
  • Manufacturer: Tomax
  • Materials: Sucubus Skin
  • Size: 6″ long, 2.4″ wide, 1.8″ high
  • Price: $22.99
  • Pros: Extremely attractive and discrete packaging; Amazing feel, very soft and fleshy
  • Cons: Material contains parabens; Difficult to clean
  • Overall Rating: 4.25/5
  • Recommended: Yes

You guys know I always start with the packaging and I was excited about the packaging on the Succubus before I even got one to review.  I first saw another of these sleeves reviewed by Alan & Michele and I loved the packaging.  It comes in a small fairly study cardboard box that is great for storing your toy.  It also doesn’t say what the product is at all.  On the side it has barcodes and says “Soft Ripple” or whatever firmness and inside texture you order, but that’s it.  What I really love is the design.  The top of the box features a succubus silhouette, which I think is really cute.  So yeah, I was very excited about the packaging.  Adonis says he found the packing very artistic and that no one would know what the box is for.  He also mentioned the back of the box which actually shows a sort of cartoon of the internal texture, but without knowing what’s in the box, no one would know what the design was.

Now, I haven’t gotten to play with many male sleeves.  I’ve played with a Tenga Egg and also reviewed the Cyberskin Strokers with Adonis, but the feel of those can’t even compare to the Succubus.  This toy is made out of what the company calls “Succubus Skin”.  It’s super soft and stretchy and is the most flesh-like feeling material I’ve ever felt.  I enjoy touching it and even sticking my fingers in it.  It just feels nice.  It’s also very durable, though I would recommended keeping pointy objects away from it as they can gouge it.  We did get a small hole in the outside but it hasn’t spread at all nor does it penetrate through the material.  Other than that though, flipping it inside out for cleaning will not damage your toy.  However, they do say that you should only use a water-based lubricant with all of the Succubus sleeves as oil and silicone-based lubricants can cause your toy to deteriorate.  A small pack of “Honey Drops”, a water based lube, is included with the Succubus.  On a note of safety, the sleeve is made form the highest quality materials, either medical or food grade.  They do say that this materials contains them paraffin oils and parabens, so if you are allergic, this isn’t the toy for you.  But other than that it is latex, phtalate, and silicone free, and is non-toxic.

The sleeve itself is about 6 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide.  It also has a semi-realistic vagina opening and the opposite end is closed.  The entrance is not very wide, but the material is so stretchy we had no problems using it with Adonis.  It says that it should be able to accommodated larger than average men and I’m sure it could.  The inside of the Succubus I received is the Standard Ripple which is rows of small ribs through-out the toy.  It also gets a little more snug in the middle though the tunnel through the sleeve is straight.  There are four total internal textures in the Succubus sleeve and with each sleeve you can get three different firmness; soft, regular, or hard.  We got the soft and it is very soft and squishy.  Online it states that the “Hard” is still soft, so it’s not going to be like trying to stick your cock into a vise grip.  The firmer textures probably offer more tightness as well since they won’t give as much.

Now the only really negative thing about the Succubus is the cleaning.  The Succubus skin is porous, so please don’t share it with anyone else and clean it well after each use.  You will need to flip the sleeve inside out, and like I said earlier it’s pretty tough, unlike the Cyberskin strokers, so don’t worry about damaging it.  You can wash it with mild soap and water and allow it to dry.  Once it’s dry simply sprinkle with baby powder to prevent it from getting sticky.  I think it’s a little random, but it also mentions to not leave the Succubus in direct sunlight, so I suppose if you have a lot of sun in your room to keep it stored in the box.  Adonis said that the cleaning can get messy, especially if you cum a lot.  If that’s the case, be careful to flip it inside out over the sink.

In use, Adonis said that the inside felt very fleshy, especially with the lube provided.  The Honey Drops was also thicker and provided a lot more suction which Adonis liked.  One thing that we discovered felt very nice for him was to swirl it.  This let any of the excess sleeve sort of wobble around the head of the cock.  He also said that the ribs were very subtle and made his cock feel more sensitive.  Another tip Adonis had was to warm the sleeve up prior to use.  You could probably set it in some warm water until it’s to the temperature you want.  We also found out that this material really damps vibrations.  If you put a vibrator on the end, you can’t even feel it a few inches away.

Overall, we both really enjoy using the Succubus.  It’s very fun to use together and he really enjoys using it, though he says it can’t replace the real thing.  I could sit and play with it for hours just squishing it.  The price on this is also very reasonable, especially when this product will last for quite a while.  Plus, I’m sure you will find a texture and firmness that you will love!

*This review was sponsored by Queen Cat Adult Toys, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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  • Selective Sensualist

    This sounds so intriguing. Wow — better than the Tenga Egg and Cyberskin Strokers? I’d love for my husband to be able to try this.

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