Review: Sweet Heart Duckie

I’ve been bad about getting through all the products that Big Teaze Toys sent to me a while back.  I really wanted to get this one up for valentines day, but it just didn’t happen.  But regardless of the time of year, I think the Sweet Heart Duckie can be cute for any occasion.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  Big Teaze Toys
  • Materials:  PVC
  • Size:  2.75″ long; 2.75″ tall; 1.75″ wide
  • Price:  $27.27
  • Pros:  Neat storage case; Very cute; Feather boa is removable; Beauty mark is on very well
  • Cons:  May not be waterproof; Not very strong at all
  • Intensity: 1.5/5
  • Volume: 1/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you like duckies

i rub my duckie sweet heart

The package and stand

The Sweet Heart Duckie comes in a package much different from the other duckies. It actually come sin a hard plastic heart shaped shell that stands up in a little plastic tray. The instruction booklet is taped to the underside of the tray. There is very little on the package and the hard case only says “I Rub My Duckie”. The stand says the same along with “waterproof personal massager”. The duckie is tied into a plastic insert that fits inside the heart, so you may need to get some scissors out.  The case ends up being about 4.75″ from side to side and from point to top and about 3″ thick.  It does take up a bit of room, but it’s so cute to display the duckie in it.  It does say “I Rub My Duckie” across the front, so you may not want to leave it out if you have close minded company.  Keeping it will also help keep the toy dust free and clean between uses.

The Duckie itself is the “travel size”  and much smaller than the Original I Rub My Duckie.  It’s about 2.75″ long and stands about 2.75″ tall and 1.75″ at the widest.  It’s made out of a matte PVC material.  The body of the duck is a pearly silvery white and the beak is silver.  There is also a small rhinestone “beauty mark” stuck to the beak.  I’ve picked and pried at it, and it’s not going anywhere, which is good.  The duckie also comes with a little feather boa that Velcros around it’s neck.  It can be unhooked and removed to use it.  Since it is PVC, I would suggest not sharing it, but it is safe to use with silicone or water-based lubes.  There isn’t much drag to it, so you shouldn’t need much lube at all.

i rub my duckie sweet heart

The duckie

In use, you can use either the tail, head, or chest (be sure to take off the boa first!).  The vibrations seem to be the strongest in the tail, medium in the chest, and weakest in the head.  For me, all the points are fairly awkward to use.  The tail has a nice point to it and the head and chest have a broader surface.  You could even use the beak.  I find it kind of odd to use to masturbate with, but I think it’s cute in and of it’s own.  It’s great for a collector, especially if they love rubber duckies.

The Sweet Heart Duckie takes one AAA battery.  There is a small twist off on the bottom that covers the battery port.  There is a slot on the twist off to aid in getting it off.  You can easily use a coin  or a screw driver to get it off and if your nails are are long enough you can use those too.  There is a small O ring around it, but it doesn’t seem to seal very tight.  I would say it’s water-resistant and not waterproof.  To turn it on, there is a small twist dial on the bottom.  There is only one speed so it only twists on and then back off.  The speed of the vibration is also fairly low.  It’s a tad buzzy and just not very strong.  The biggest problem I have is that with the dial, it causes the Duckie to not sit evenly.

Overall, I think the Sweet Heart Duckie is very cute.  It’d be a great present for someone that loves toys an duckies.  The Sweet Heart is also good for a special occasion, like Valentine’s day.  If you’re looking for something cute to travel with you that will get you off, this may be the toy you’re looking for.  Be sure to check out all of the the other Duckie’s sold by The Intimacy Book.

*This review was sponsored by Big Teaze Toys, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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