Review: Tasty Trio Kit Holiday Cheery Edition

I’ve tried some of the Devour Me Lickable Oil before from Good Vibrations, but I wasn’t impressed.  But when I saw the Holiday Cheery Edition flavors I thought I’d give it another shot.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Massage oil or oral sex aid
  • Includes:  One 1 oz bottle of each:  Hot Apple Cider, Sugar Cookie, and Candy Cane
  • Ingredients:  Sweet Almond Oil and Flavor Oils
  • Size:  1 oz each
  • Price:  $15.00
  • Pros:  Nice bottles; Spreads nicely;  Great smell and taste; Multiple uses
  • Cons:  Runny (but to be expected); Hard to get out of the bottle; Can get a little messy; Doesn’t rub in completely
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

tasty trio kit from good vibrations

Tasty Trio

This Kit itself doesn’t come with any special packaging.  Each bottle was wrapped with plastic wrap and foam type stuff for shipping, which is nice.  The bottles that the oils come in are  small about 1.25″ square and 2″ tall, and made from glass.  They’re very small, so you can easily store them in your bedside table.  The plastic cap twists off easily, but it also seems to seal pretty tightly.  I haven’t noticed that these leak at all if they get knocked over.  The one thing I don’t like about the bottle is the “nozzle”.  I can’t really think of a better way to describe it.  The bottom is one solid piece and there is a small hole in the top that you can use to shake the oil out.  It’s kind of like a vinegar shaker or something and can be a bit of a pain to get enough out for a massage.  If you just tilt it, it has a tendency to run all over the bottle.  You may want to keep a wash cloth or tissue handy and wipe off the neck of the bottle before putting the cap back on.

What I liked the most was the smell.  All three oils smell like they’re supposed too (or about as close to it as you can get).  My favorite is Hot Apple Cider.  It definitively has a cinnamon apple type smell to it and it tastes (to me at least) just like it smells.  My next favorite is the sugar cookie.  It has a very light vanilla sugar scent and the taste is about the same.  It has a bit of a fake sweetener aftertaste though.  My least favorite was the Candy Cane and that is just because I just don’t like peppermint.  It’s also the strongest scent.  The neat thing about it though is because of the peppermint oil in it, it gives a slight cooling effect, especially to more sensitive skin.  I mostly noticed a bit of a cool tingly feeling on my lips. I think it would be good for a fun tingly jerk off.  The other two flavors aren’t as strong smelling or tasting and don’t tingle at all.

Aside from that, all three are made from the same very simple ingredients; sweet almond oil and flavor oils.  They also have the same pale yellowish color and a very runny consistency.  It is oil after all. It does seem to spread fairly nicely across the skin, but it doesn’t rub in quite as well as I would like.  It leaves your skin a tad oily.  However, since this is a lickable oil, I didn’t have too much of a problem with that.  It means the scent and flavor really stay on your skin until you lick or wash it off.  If you use it for just a regular back massage though, you may want to wash it off.  You can use the oil for a lot of different things.  It can be used for a fun, tasty massage, or even a hand job.  I would be wary about using it in the vagina though, because oil can sometimes not work well there.  And because it is an oil, it is not latex safe.  I think you could also use it as a bit of a perfume oil or skin moisturizer.  Sweet almond oil is good for your skin, so if you have an area you’re that’s not prone to break outs, this can work as a nice moisturizer and really seal in the moisture.  Plus it leaves a nice scent and taste behind.

Overall, I really like the Tasty Trio Holiday Cheer Edition.  It’s pretty cheap and you get three bottles for a bit cheaper than buying them individually (it’s essentially buy two get the third bottle free if you do the kit).  If you only really like one scent/flavor though, you can get them individually for only $7 each.  If none of these scents really appeal to you though, they do have four regular flavors as well:  Piña Colada, Strawberry Kiss, Crème Brulee and Cherry Jubilee,

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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