Review: Tenga 3D Polygon

Given that I lack the proper male anatomy, I don’t post a lot of male oriented reviews.  Fortuately, I have a friend who is willing to do the occasional review.  He’s also reviewed the Tenga Egg Wavy as well as the Stroking Power Pump for me.  Today he is going to be reviewing the Tenga 3D Polygon from Babeland.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Male masturbation sleeve
  • Manufacturer:  Tenga
  • Materials:  TPE
  • Size:  4.5″ in length
  • Price:  $45.00
  • Pros:  Excellent sturdy material;  Extremely easy to clean
  • Cons:  Not very intense; Expensive
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

tenga 3d polygon

The Tenga 3D in it’s case

Everyone knows Tenga at this point, right? RIGHT? Launched to international fame with their simple Tenga Egg product, they have branched out into other toys. I’ve gotten my hands on another product, the Tenga 3D sleeve with the polygon texture.

The Tenga 3D Polygon is packaged very attractively, reminiscent of an Apple product. It’s packaged in an attractive clear cylinder on a black base, as if it’s meant to be displayed on your bookshelf.   There’s also a small container on the underside of the plastic base.  This contains a little instruction booklet and a little package of lube.  The first thing I noticed was the interesting texture.  The sleeve is shipped turned inside out so you can see the interesting polygonal faces on it. No worries though, turns right-side out really easily once you want to use it.

tenga 3d

All the extras

So let’s get on to how it feels in use. I tried with the included lube, which is sufficient to get the job done, but I really liked using the Tenga with some warming lube I had lying around.  The material is very soft, pliable, and stretchy, but much firmer than one-time-use toys like the Tenga Egg. The Tenga 3D comes in several different textures, and I received the polygon texture. It’s an interesting idea, a bunch of flat angled sides as opposed to a more traditional wave or spiral.  It’s not as intense a texture as I normally like, but still provides enough stimulation to be interesting. If you have to have something more intense, the polygon isn’t right for you, but there are other Tenga 3D textures (e.g. spiral), that would be better. Though it’s only 4.5” long, it stretches easily to accommodate any size. Cleaning is also pleasantly straightforward – just turn it inside out and use the stand as a drying rack.

tenga 3d polygon

Right: Inside out; Left: Rightside in (how you would use it)

Overall, the Tenga 3D Polygon is a great product. The texture isn’t as intense as I’d hope, but it still feels great and it’s easy to clean, earning it a place in my normal routine. The only downside is that the toy is moderately expensive, but it’s worth it for how much use it’ll get.  You may also want to check out the Tenga 3D Spiral that Babeland also carries which looks as if it will have a more intense texture than the Polygon.

*This review was sponsored by Babeland, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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