Review: Tenga Egg Spider

Guest review time!  Well kind of at least.  Since I lack the proper male anatomy to fully test some toys, the good people at Good Vibrations sent a Tenga Egg to one of my good friends in Louisiana, we’ll call him Anon E. Mouse, to review for me!  Now some of the review will be written by me as well, I actually did buy one to play with several months back, but I’ll just be giving stats on the toy, such as material, cleaning, etc.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Male jerk off sleeve
  • Manufacture: Tenga
  • Material: TPE/Elastomer
  • Size: 2 1/2″ long, 1 3/4″ wide
  • Price: $8.50
  • Recommended Use: Male masturbation, stimulator sleeve on a wand vibrator
  • Pros: Small and compact;  Travel friendly;  Cheap with a variety of texture;  Lube packet;  Easy to clean up; Good beginner male toy
  • Cons: Too small;  Kind of bland;  Doesn’t feel like actual penetration;  Looks funny when stretched;  Hard to hold if lube on outside
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: Yes

The Spider inside texture - photo by Anon E. Mouse

So to start off with, there are six different inside textures to choose from; Clicker, Silky, Spider, Stepper, Twister, and Wavy.

  • Wavy has horizontal ripples
  • Twister has vertical ripples
  • Silky features a thread-spun surface
  • Spider is lined with a web pattern (checkerboard)
  • Clicker has protruding spheres
  • Stepper has notched out semi-circles

Technically it is meant to be a disposable toy, basically a one time toy. However, if you are careful, you can use it multiple times if you clean it well.  I did notice however with mine, that after washing it it became quiet tacky, so I don’t feel it could be used for many times.

And now for my friend’s review of the Tenga Egg – Spider:

The Egg in the shell - photo by Anon E. Mouse

When I first received the small box that contained my Tenga Egg, I was excited and perhaps a little anxious.   I’m sure you’ve seen the funny commercials on YouTube.  The packaging was quite cute and I took off the wrapper easily.

The Egg out of the shell - photo by Anon E. Mouse

The shell popped open like an Easter egg and out came the egg.  First impression? Squishy, a little tacky and that’s about it.  It comes with a small packet of lube, which had instructions written on it in Japanese, but honestly, if you really need instructions for lube, then you really shouldn’t be using this toy anyway.

My hand inside my Tenga Egg

It does stretch to accommodate, but i found that i didn’t like the lack of stimulation of the head.  it didn’t really feel like anything.  If you get the lube on the outside of the egg, you’re going to be scrambling to hold on to it (pun intended).  I really didn’t like that the only part that was being stimulated was the shaft.

So his final opinion is that if you’re cheap and need something for trips, go ahead and buy this, otherwise buy a full sleeve.  My opinion is that it is a decent toy, it’s a good starter male toy, something to try to see if you’ll like it.  This is by no means a permeate toy, it is very easy to stretch it out and it becomes very sticky after being washed (not to mention attracting all kinds of fuzz).  But I do feel that it is not a bad toy because this is just the experience of one person.  I personally loved mine, just because it was a little squishy stress ball and it made some hella awesome noises.  Many thanks to Good Vibrations for sending the Tenga Egg to my good friend Anon E. Mouse.

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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