Review: Tenga Egg Wavy

Today I’ve got another review from my friend Ed.  Today he’s going to review the Tenga Egg Wavy from Holistic Wisdom.  I previously had another friend and he did no care for the Tenga Egg Spider.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:    Male jerk off sleeve
  • Manufacturer:    Tenga
  • Includes:  Egg storage shell,  sleeve,  and lube packet
  • Materials:    Silicone
  • Size:    2″ in length but super stretchy
  • Price:    $6.65 for one,  $39.65 for a pack of 6
  • Pros:    Excellent texture;  Just soft enough;  Easy to clean;  Portable
  • Cons:    Disposable;  Can be pricey to just throw away after use
  • Overall Rating:   4.5/5
  • Recommended:   Yes

tenga egg wavy from holistic wisdom

The egg shell

The Tenga Egg is one of the most popular masturbation aids in Japan (according to the web, anyways) and it’s easy to see why.   The packaging is simple and unpretentious – a rarity with male sex toys.  The Tenga knows exactly what it is and what it is not.  Packaged in a discreet plastic egg shell,  the Tenga begs to be used in dirty Easter egg hunts.  Opening the shell reveals a small egg-shaped sleeve with a small package of lubricant.  I feel it also bears mentioning that as the Tenga is so small,  inexpensive, and discreet,  it would make a good accompaniment to any travel.

tenga egg wavy from holistic wisdom

The sleeve out of its shell

The included lubricant is sufficient to get the job done,  but I highly recommend the Moist Heat – Warming Formula instead, which Holistic Wisdom kindly provided to extensively test the Egg.  The warming lube is water based so it’s safe to use with condoms and toys and elicits a very pleasant warming sensation to make it feel a little more realistic.  It’s a bit on the thin side,  so I wouldn’t recommend it for extremely rough play,  but for something like the Tenga,  it’s ideal.  You can read Lucid’s full  review here of Moist Heat.

tenga egg wavy from holistic wisdom

The internal wavy texture

The Tenga material is very soft,  pliable,  and squishy.  It’s a pleasant change of pace from the harder plastic I reviewed last,  but this comes at a cost.  The Tenga is marketed as a one-use,  disposable product and the material lives up to that goal – this is not a toy you’ll have for years (or months to come).  That said,  unless you fuck the ever-living life out of it,  it’ll last at least three or four uses before it needs to be tossed.  It was certainly not a one-use affair for me.  The Tenga also comes in several different textures;  I received the wavy texture for review.  I’ve included an attempted detail photo,  but I’m afraid the image didn’t turn out very well.  Wavy ridges run around the inside circumference of the toy,  rubbing against you as you stroke it up and down.  As I mentioned,  the material is very soft,  but the edges are just pronounced enough to be effective.   Though the Tenga is only 2” long,  it easily stretches to 7” or so.

Overall,  the Tenga Egg is a solid product.  It feels good,  it’s easy to clean,  it’s inexpensive,  and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  If you’re about to travel somewhere or just want to try something new for only a few dollars,  I heartily recommend picking one up.

*This review was sponsored by Holistic Wisdom,  the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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