Review: The Explorer #1

Recently I was contacted by a new company, XCTNATION, that’s actually fairly local to me, that makes stainless steel butt plugs, dildos, and kegel exercisors.  They offered a product to review in return for helping them promote their site.  I had a look around and I picked out The Explorer #1.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:
  • Manufacturer: XCTNATION
  • Materials:  Stainless Steel
  • Size:  7″ long; Large end – 2″ in diameter; Small end – 1.3″ in diameter
  • Price:  $60.00
  • Pros:  Steel;  Can use with all lubes;  Easy to clean;  Very versatile (two ends, and multiple uses)
  • Cons:  Could come with more attachments; Large end is difficult/impossible for me to insert (too blunt)
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

the explorer #1 from xtcnation

The Explorer #1 in my hand

Since XCTNATION is a very new company, they do not yet have packaging, but the item was wrapped nicely in bubble wrap and shipped discreetly.  I was surprised about how heavy the package was, and even though I read the dimensions on their website, I was still a bit shocked by the size.  It’s about 7″ long and consists of two balls on a slender shaft.  The small ball is about 1.3″ in diameter while the large is about 2″ in diameter.  All of the parts are made from solid stainless steel.  The large ball has quite a bit of weight to it and is probably 3 times as heavy as the small ball and shaft combined.  Since it is steel you can use any type of lube with it and it’s fairly easy to clean.  You can use soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes, bleach it, boil it, or put it in the dish washer.  The large ball can be removed though, so you may want to clean around where it attaches pretty well.  There is a small bit of grease on the treads where the large ball goes on, to allow it to come apart easier.  You may want to continue to add a bit of WD40 or something if you wipe it off.  I do not believe the small bulb can be removed.

the explorer #1 from xtcnation

The Explorer in its two parts

As far as insertion goes I have only inserted the small ball.  I’m sure you could insert the large end, but it’s a little too large for me, especially since it is not tapered very much.  I believe that the large ball is mostly there to provide weight and resistance to use for kegel exercises.  Since you can remote the weight, you can start light and then work up to the larger one.  What I think might have been neat to do is to include multiple balls to use on the large end that way you can change the weight and work up to more weights.  I do still think it works well for kegels, but it’s not my favorite kegel exercisor.

I also find it works well for g-spot stimulation as well and this is my preferred use.  I find that a large bulb with a narrow shaft works very well for my g-spot, so if that’s something that works for you you may want to check this out.  It’s also fairly similar in shape/size to the g-spot lollipop that many of you have seen around, the only difference is that the bulbs on this are solid steel.  Also, if you love a very filling toy, you can use the 2″ bulb for g-spot stimulation as well or kegels.  The large end on the popular eleven is also 2″ so many will love the size. I also think you could get away with using the small end for anal.  The shaft is long enough and the large bulb is large enough to give you a good grip and not allow it to escape into your bottom.

Overall, I do like The Explorer #1.  It’s a nice steel and has a good shape and weight.  You can use it for kegel exercises, g-spot stimulation, and even anal.  You can adjust the weight of it if you like and there are two different size bulbs that you can insert, so it’s a fairly versatile toy.  The only real change I would add to it is to include multiple attachments for the one end so that you can change the weight and size to work your kegels up through more weight or to just fit whatever size you’re craving at the time.  So if you’re a bit fan of quality steal and would like to support a new company, please check out XTCNATION.  Besides The Explorer #1,they offer some neat looking toys such as The Punisher #2 (which looks like it would be a great addition to any dungeon especially with that name!) and The Graduate (perhaps for a naughty graduation gift?).  They also offer a small selection of leather hoods and other items.

*This review was sponsored by XTCNATION, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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