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Many of you know that I learn towards the Dom/Domme side of the spectra in BDSM.  I know very little about it and have never been in a relationship that involved it, but it’s something I was interested in learning more about which is why I requested The Mistress Manual from FunWares.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:   Adult Instructional Book
  • Author:   Mistress Lorelei
  • Publisher:   Greenery Press
  • Pages:   169
  • Size:   9″ x 6″ x 3/8″
  • Price:   $16.95
  • Pros:    Classy cover; Doesn’t need to be read cover to cover; The parts are well organized and detailed;   Good information;  Great for a beginner and still useful to more advanced Mistresses
  • Cons:   Not discreet if you need a vanilla bookshelf
  • Overall Rating:   4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

the mistress manual from funwares

The Front Cover

The Mistress Manual, while not discreet, seems like a very classy and respectable book.  The cover has “The Mistress Manual” in large print as we as on the spine of the book.  It’s a fairly thin book though so if you need a discreet and vanilla bookshelf this would be easy to tuck in a drawer or hide behind some other books.  There is nothing obscene on the cover.  There is a cartooned image of a woman’s crossed legs in heels and stockings which I think really sets the mood of the book.  The back of the book also has a good description of the book .  It also asks a lot of questions to get you interested in the book.

The book itself is divided into a few parts with multiple chapters.  The table of contents is very detailed, but the main outline is as follows:

INTRODUCTION:  How to Use The Mistress Manual
PART ONE:  Becoming a Mistress
PART TWO:  The Mistress In Action
PART THREE:  The Five Archetypal Fantasies
Ten Rules For a Successful Mistress
Glossary Of Female Dominance Terms

Usually I don’t like a big detailed table of contents but I think it really works for this book.  This book is set up so you don’t have to read it cover to cover.   That weirds me out a bit, because I do like to finish a book, but I think it can work with this.  I would suggest starting with the introduction though.  It goes over the topics that the book will cover and gives you ideas about where to start in the book depending on what you’re interested in.

Part one has four chapters and focuses on becoming a mistress, finding a submissive male and maintaining the balance in your relationship.  What I really liked is that it does talk about any possible issues that may come up, particularly mental issues, and how to look for them and possibly resolve them.  This section really plays to new Mistresses who are just starting out and learning about what it is to be a Mistress and a Domme.  Part two is also four chapters.  This part focuses on what a Mistress is like in action.  It covers how to establish your authority, asserting your dominance as well as techniques, implements, and skills.

Part three has six chapters.  This section covers the main archetypal fantasies that occur in female dominance.  Five fantasies but six chapters?  That doesn’t make sense!  The first chapter actually talks about how to choose a fantasy and a brief introduction to each.  You’re slightly introduced to each one through-out the book as well so by the end of this chapter you should really know which one is the one you’re most interested in and really want to read through.  This chapter also covers how to resolve any conflicts in fantasies.  The five archetypal fantasies they talk about in the book are The Nursemaid, The Governess, The Queen, The Amazon, and The Goddess.  After the first chapter there is a whole chapter on each of the fantasies.  These chapters talk in depth about the fantasy, the skills the Mistress will need for it as well the needs of the submissive.  It also gives you a full scene to play out and some variations on the fantasy.  I think my favorite fantasy is The Goddess, but you’ll have to get the book to read more about it, teehee.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Mistress Manual.  I found it useful and it’s definitely a book I want to keep to refer to if I ever have a male partner with submissive fantasies.  Being a Mistress is not something that’s a huge fantasy for me, but this book really gave me some good ideas and tips if I ever wanted to try it out.  I thought it was a great read and while it would be exceptionally great for a beginner Mistress but I think even a more experienced Mistress will learn something new.  So if you’re just thinking about it or actively being a Mistress you should check out The Mistress Manual from FunWares.

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*This review was sponsored by FunWares, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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