Review: The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty

A month or so,  Dr. Ruthie posted on Twitter looking for some reviewers to review her new book:  The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty,  so of course I had to jump right on top

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:    Adult Instructional Book
  • Author:    Dr. Ruth Neustifter
  • Publisher:    Amorata Press
  • Pages:    176
  • Size:    5.5″ x 8.5″ x 0.5″
  • Price:    $10.25
  • Pros:    Kind of classy looking;  Easy and fun to read;  Lists key points;  Exercises to work through
  • Cons:     Not horribly discreet;  I wasn’t really the target audience
  • Overall Rating:    4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

nice girls guide to talking dirty

The book

In general,  I don’t think the Guide to Talking Dirty is particularlly discreet,  but that depends on your level of openness.  It does have “Talking Dirty” in large letters across the front cover and says “Ignite your sex life with naughty whispers,  hot fantasies and screams of passion”.  I think if this were on your bookshelf between other books though no one would notice it.  If you really want to hide it though,  it will easily fit in your bedside table or slip behind other books on your shelf. I do really like the image on the front cover as it reminds me of a Madlib book.  Overall,  I think it’s rather classy looking and I don’t think it looks intimidating,  especially for shy and inexperienced women.  The back cover has a small description about the book as well as what to expect in the book.  I think the back description describes the book very well.

Once you open up the book you see the Table of Contests:

1  An Invitation to Aural Exploration
2  Making Time and Space for Pleasure
3  Become a Secret Erotic Superhero
4  Discover Your Style
5  Envision Your Character
6  Practice Your Seductive Style
7  Create the Perfect Words
8  Linger on the Senses
9  Three Levels of Dirty Talk
10  Discover Fantasies
11  Dirty Talk for Exploration,  Play,  and Intimacy Building
12  Inspiring Exercises
13  Sample Scripts
About the Author

Each chapter starts with a quick sample dialog between Cameryn and Eric.  Each chapter brings a new snippet as the conversations progresses and gets hotter.  The dialog along with the last few chapters will make the truly shy blush,  but you can always skip over reading it if it makes you uncomfortable.  Each chapter is fairly short with a quick introduction to the chapter and has a few subheadings.  At the end of the chapter there is a bulleted list of the Key Points as well as and Exercise.  The exercise typically asks you to think about your objectives in reading the book,  in your relationship,  etc.  It may also ask you to turn to chapter 12 to work through some of the exercises listed there.  I think for me,  I would have preferred to see the exercise in the chapter it’s referenced in,  rather than a separate chapter.  The exercises are fairly easy to complete and there is space to write answers with some of them as well.  They include such things as describing fruit with all of your senses.

I feel that the target audience of this book is mostly people who have involved in a somewhat serious relationship(s),  which I didn’t really fit into.  It also seems to focus on women who are extremely shy and uncomfortable asking for and expressing what they would like sexually.  I feel like I am more sexually confident than most.  I do feel that women who fit into that category (and possibly men too) will get a lot out of this book.  It does talk about how to gain confidence and figure out what,  if any,  mental blocks you may have.  It also really focuses on the sensual aspect of dirty talk.  A lot of the book I didn’t feel applied to me at this point in my life.

Overall,  I really enjoyed reading The Nice Girls Guide to talking Dirty.  While I’m not exactly it’s target audience,  I did learn a bit from reading it.  I feel it will really help women who are to shy to ask for what they really want as well as help them explore the very sensual side of dirty talk.  It really clarifies the difference between dirty talk you see in porn and what you will typically do in your bedroom.  It has great exercises to follow to build up your confidence and explore sensual language.  You just never know what kind of sensual vixen (or erotic superhero as Dr. Ruthie calls it) you may uncover after reading this book.

*This review was sponsored by Amazon, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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