Review: The Temp

I know, I’ve been a bad bad reviewer lately.  Today’s review is an item I received, well, we won’t talk about when I got it… but was kind enough to send me The Temp to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie
  • Includes:  Padded storage case; The Temp; Stopper
  • Materials:  Glass
  • Size:  9.5″ total length; 6.5″ insert-able length; 1.25″ max diameter
  • Price:  $35
  • Pros:  Super padded storage case; Discreet storage; Stopper works well; Great for cool or warm temperature play; Easy to clean
  • Cons:  Shape may be too simple for some
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

the temp from

The storage case

The Temp comes in one of the most secure and padded storage cases I have even seen.  I actually wasn’t sure what it was until I popped the case open.  The toy actually comes in a large (11.5″ x 4.5″ x 3″) case.  Inside the case, there are two large pieces of egg crate style foam and the toy is squeezed between the foam when the case is shut.  I really like the case, it’s discreet and super protected.  However, it is a bit of over kill I think, though this is not a solid glass dildo like other toys, so it is probably a good idea to be extra safe with it.  If you have somewhere else to store it, you could always use the storage case for something else.  The foam easily comes out and it also has a handle so there are lots of uses for it.  There is also no writing or anything on the case so it is completely discreet.  You also get a small booklet that has instructions on how to chill the water and fill the dildo as well as handling and safety instructions.

The toy itself has two main parts, the dildo and the stopper.  When put together, the whole thing is about 9.5″ long, but the dildo part is just under 8″ with about 6.5″ being insert-able.  The toy has a typical phallic shape with a pointed head.  The widest part of the head is just about 1.25″ in diameter, but the rest of the shaft is just over 1″ in diameter.  The dildo portion is made entirely of a slightly translucent dark blue glass.  The stopper has a glass ball and a plastic stopper attached.  The dildo is completely hallow so you can fill it with liquid.  I was wary about the stopper, but it works very well.   Overall, the toy is pretty easy to clean.  Since it’s glass, you can bleach it or boil it or use regular soap and water.  As far as cleaning the inside, if you’re just using water, it should be a big deal, just rinse it out and it will be fine.

the temp from

The Temp inside the padded case

As far as in use, the dildo by itself is simple, there is nothing very exiting with it.  It’s an average size, the glass is nice, but there’s nothing about the shape that makes it stand out.  What is neat is that you can fill it with water.  While glass in general, warms up pretty quickly, I really like using a very warm toy.  While The Temp is marketed to use for cold, you can also use warm water (warm not hot!) in it.  You can just as easily use cold water or even the ice cubes that you can make to put in water bottles, but I really hate cold.

Overall, I think The Temp is a pretty neat toy.  I really love glass and the fact that you can fill it with water to make it warmer or colder is just neat.  I’m also glad that the stopper works well and it’s not easy to get out so you won’t get water all over the place.  It’s a fairly simple shape, but it can easily get the job done.  It’s also not too expensive.  If you’re looking to add something for some cool (or warm) temperature play, this would be a great item to pick up over at  Oh and did I mention you can get free shipping to the continental US?

*This review was sponsored by, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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