Review: Touch Me Erotic Massage Game

I have another fun little product to review from Good Vibrations!  Today I’m going to talk about the Touch Me Erotic Massage Game, by California Exotic Novelties.

The Run Down:

  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Price: $10.00
  • Recommended Use: Play the game or just use the suggestions, either way you’ll have a hot fun massage!
  • Pros: Small storage box; Lots of sensual and sultry massage ideas; Very inexpensive
  • Cons: Short and small instruction booklet; Overall game is a little silly
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5
  • Recommended: Yes

Now, I’m a pretty big sucker for a massage, so I thought this would be a fun little game to have.  It comes in a small hot pink and black box (about 6″ by 4″) and could easily be stashed in your bed side table or wherever you keep your massage oil.  There is a couple on the front o the box, but you can’t really see anything terribly indecent.

The back of the box has nothing on it except a few details about the game.  It is a 2 player game (more if you’re daring) and comes with 54 cards and a rule booklet.  On the back it states:

Touch Me is the erotic massage game for lovers.  Test your memories and desires and earn sexy erotic massage encounters of three different intensities.  Rub, touch, and excite your partner!

Touch Me Instruction Booklet

The rule book it comes with was a little disappointing.  It’s only a two page pamphlet explaining the game and two short alternate versions.  The game is very simple, however, so I suppose lots of instructions aren’t needed.

Touch Me Cards

So how do you play this game?  Well I’m sure everyone has played a matching type card game, this is basically played the same way.   You have three colors of cards; yellow, orange, and red.  Yellow cards are warm-up massages, orange are ‘that feels really really good massages’ and red are ‘hot and full blown heat massages’.  Each color is separated into it’s own deck of 18 cards and each card has a type of massage on it.  There are two of each type of massage in a deck. You start by shuffling the yellow deck and placing them face down across a surface.  You then proceed like any other type of matching game, flipping them over and collecting pairs.  When all the yellow cards are gone, move on to the orange and then red.

Once all the cards have been taken, each partner looks through their cards and picks out one type of massage from each color and let the massaging start!  Over all it’s kind of a silly little game and the variations are just as silly I think. However, you do get 27 massage ideas to use!  You can make up your own variation on the game or just pull out a random one or two to have a nice relaxing massage.  You could also use them as coupons for your lover.  Pick out a few or just give each person one of each card and they can redeem the type of massage they want at any time.  The descriptions are pretty detailed and they each have a unique name which I’ll list as a little teaser.

Yellow Card Massages:  Morse Code Massage; Exploring Far North and Down Under; Like No One Has Gone Before; Slow and Steady; Nipple Nirvana; Massage A la Mode; Soft Brushes; Tender Touches; Delighted-To-Be-Here

Orange Card Massages:  The Basic Tool Chest; Time for an Oil Change; There’s The Rub!; Anticipation; Cutting Figure Eights; Invigoration Nation; The Spice Rack; Sloooow Motion; It’s Officially Unofficial,

Red Card Massages:  Just Add Water; Anticipation Is Great, but I Can’t Wait; Sultry and Sexy Strokes; A Thigh For A Thigh; The Music of Erotic Massage; The Cock Will Crow, The Cock Will Grow; Please Pet the Pussy!; Fancy Footwork;  Hot Dogs

Overall, the game is a little silly, but the ideas on the cards are very nice.  I also like that there are three levels of massages, from a light sensual massage to very hot and heavy.  It is a very inexpensive game, only $10 at Good Vibrations, and I think it is a great little set of cards for any couple to have.  Even if you don’t want to play the game, the ideas are great and could still come in handy!  Oh and you might want to pick up some Touch Me Massage Oil (check out my review of it here) to really get the massaging going.

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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