Review: Veronica Harness

I really like unique, cute, and sexy strap on harnesses.  When I saw the Veronica Harness I had to have it and Good Vibes was kind enough to send it to me to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Strap-on harness
  • Manufacturer:  Velvet Nest
  • Materials:  100% Cotton with Metal rings
  • Size:  XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
  • Price:  $68.00
  • Pros:  Very cute; Comfortable; Large can easily fit smaller; Easy to put on and adjust;  Comes in two styles; Stays secure
  • Cons:  Can be a bit confusing to use; A bit more limited than an o-ring
  • Overall Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

veronica harness

The harness with a dildo from the front

There is very little packaging with the Veronica Harness.  It comes in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard tag across the top that says Good Vibrations.  There was also a small paper tag attached to the harness that had instructions on how to insert a toy into the harness.  The bag is always a good way to store the harness if you need to slip it into something.  However, it’s easy enough to fold it up and store it in your underwear drawer if you like.  If someone where to see the material in the drawer, they would only think it was underwear, but then again I doubt you’d have people going through your underwear drawer anyways.  The Veronica Harness is black with white polka dots and is made from 100% cotton.  It looks much like a pair of bikini briefs, unless you look at it from the back.  The material is soft to the touch.  Not quite as soft as a t-shirt, but it is comfortable against your skin.  None of the seams or edges are rough.  As far as cleaning, you can machine wash it warm and hang to dry.

veronica harness

The harness from the back

This harness is a double-strap style with straps connecting to the back band from the side and two straps from between the legs.  I have the XL/XXL size which is listed as fitting a 42″-48″.  The back band is 2.75″ at the widest and 16.75″ long.  The side straps measure 17″ from the middle of the front and the crotch straps (for a lack of a better term…) measure 22″ from where they connect on the front.  The back band has double D rings on the sides and on the bottom that the straps loop through.  I like how it fastens because you don’t have to fool with getting a buck fastened, you can just tighten it to the perfect size.  It’s very quick and easily to get it on.  In addition to that, if you get the large that does not mean that it will not fit a smaller person.  It fits me quite comfortably, but I had a friend who is much much smaller than me and it fit her find as well.

The part that the dildo fits in was a little bit more difficult for me.  This harness does not use an O-ring system to hold the dildo in place, instead, it uses a velcro system.  On the front part there are two flaps on either side of the whole where the dildo goes.  If you lift them up you see that the part that the crotch straps come out of also has velcro and that can be removed.  After reading the instructions I figured out how to insert a toy using this, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not to bad.  First step is to pull all the velcro tabs apart.  While lifting up the tabs on the top section, you insert a dildo against the second tab.  Next place the tabs from the bottom portion around the sides of the dildo and then press the first tabs down onto the velco.  I know it sounds a little confusing, but watch the video below for a better look at how to adjust it and put a dildo in it.  I was surprised at how sturdy it was for just velcro.  It is a bit limited in the size and shape of dildo you can fit into it.  If you want to use dildos bigger than the velcro allows though or has balls, you can always insert it through the back and use it in more of the traditional  style harness.

Overall, I really like the Veronica Harness.  It’s great that it can be used with various sizes.  I would suggest if you intend on sharing it with multiple partners to get the largest size because it can be adjusted down easily.  It can be a little confusing to use and is limited by the size of dildo you can fit in there.  Aside from that, there is very little or nothing that I don’t like about this harness.  It’s is super cute but if you don’t like the polka dots you can always check out the Betty Harness which is the same but white and red stripes.

*This review was sponsored by Good Vibrations, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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