Review: Wet Together Lube

What’s the best sex toy that a couple can use?  Probably a good lube, which is why I got the Wet Together Couples Lubricant from My Pleasure to review.

The Run Down:

wet together couples lube

Wet Together Pack

The Wet Together Couples Lubricant comes with two small 2 oz bottles, one for him (blue) and one for her (pink).  There is nothing really exceptional about the plastic box.  It has the classic Wet logo on it as well as the bottles and says that it is a lubricant for couples.  Each bottle has a flip top that’s easy to use.  While the plastic is a little hard, both lubes are runny enough that you do not need to squeeze the bottle hard to get it out.


wet together couples lube

Wet Together Hers

The Wet for Her lubricant is a silicone based tingling lube.  It is also very, very runny.  I myself prefer a thicker lube because it makes it much easier to get it where you want it to go.  Though, if you go by the instructions it says for him to apply the “Hers” to her, so it would be a little bit easier to apply this to someone else.  It also has a strong peppermint smell because it has Peppermint Extract as well as Dimethicone.  Both of these also cause a tingling effect which I really enjoyed from this lube.  The one thing I did not like about this lube, unlike some silicone lubes, is it leaves your skin very shiny and greasy feeling so you do need to wash it off, but it does last quite a long time.  However it doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens so it is great for all women to use, unless you have an issue with silicone.


wet together couples lube his

Wet Together His

The Wet for Him lubricant confuses me.  It only has two ingredients but claims to induce a warming sensation.  I did not notice any warming sensation nor did my partner.  However, most women should not use this lube as it contains only glycerin and Vitamin E and can cause yeast infections.  The good thing about the His lube is it does seem to last a long time and it feels very moisturizing (both glycerin and Vitamin E are moisturizers).  It also didn’t leave me feeling greasy like the Hers.

Overall, Wet Together is a decent set of lubes for a couple.  I would recommend using the His lube only on him and if you are going to have sex to put a condom over it as it can cause irritation with most women.  If you really want a warming sensation though, I would go with another lube for that.  I did like the tingling lube a lot, although it does require some clean up afterwards and should not be used with silicone toys.  If you’d like to check out the Wet Together Couples Lubricant or any other lubricant head over to My Pleasure.

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*This review was sponsored by My Pleasure, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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