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A lot of the sex toy and adult product reviews I come across is from Twitter.  I saw Wet post about a new product they were coming out with, Wet wOw.  So I did what any good and curious reviewer would do and sent them an email.  They were kind enough to send me both their Wet wOw Gentle O and Max O.  I thought about reviewing them together, but I decided to do them separately, though I will probably do some comparing in my Max O review.

The Run Down:

wet wow gentle o arousal gel

The package

The packaging for the Gentle O is fairly simple.  It comes in a small black cardboard box with silver writing on all sides.  It’s not the most discreet box, but the biggest thing on the front is the “wOw” logo, though it does say “clitoral arousal gel” near the bottom.  The sides and back list the warnings, ingredients, directions, and general information about the product in multiple languages.  Inside the box, you find the mall 0.5 oz tube.  The tube is solid black with silver text, just like the box.  The tube has a screw off cap (which seems to take a lot of twisting to get off).  It would be very easy to hide away in a drawer or even tuck in your purse for travel.  Also included in the box was a sample of Wet Synergy and a card with directions for the wOw gel and the Synergy sample

The gel itself is completely clear and fairly thick.  It suggested to use a pea size amount and when squeezing it out, it stays in play easily.  I really like this because it’s easy to squeeze it out on a finger tip and get it where I want it, without it dripping or running.  It does get a bit runnier if it’s warmed, but not too much.  I do not notice any adverse feelings when I use it on my clit, but if you spread it on the back of your hand, it does have a greasy feeling.  It does not seem to rub in, but on my clit I really do not feel the same thing.  It may leave this feeling on your toys though, so you’ll probably want to wash them off.   The package does say it will wash away with soap and water, but it doesn’t leave me feeling gross, so I usually don’t.

wet wow gentle o arousal gel

The tube

I’ve also found that it doesn’t make a very nice lube, it’s too thick and doesn’t have a lot of slickness to it, so you may want to use a bit of extra lube on top of it after you rub it in.  It also smells like menthol, though I don’t find it to be too strong.  If you have a strong repulsion to it, it may bother you, but as long as you keep it away from your face you should be okay.  At a play party I went to I did try it out on a friend a guy went down on her, he said it tasted like cough medicine, minus the cherry flavor and that it made his tongue a bit numb.  That may be something to take into account and it’s probably not something you’d want to use for oral, though he didn’t seem to mind too much.

As far as the sensation goes, I found this to be a bit different than other clitoral arousal gels.  For me, most gels get cool right away and start to tingle.  This gel, however, does nothing for a few seconds and then gets warm and slightly tingly.  Once applied, I find the feeling lasts about 15 minutes or so, if you do nothing to it.  I do feel that it increases arousal and I find myself starting to get wet after applying it, at least a bit more than usual.  Depending on how much you apply, it will be more or less intense.  I do find it to be one of the stronger arousal gels I have tried, so if you do not have much experience, you may want to try little dabs at first to see how much will work for you.  If I start to rub my clit with a toy though, I don’t notice the feeling for as long, though that could be because I’m enjoying other sensations more and just lose track of it.  The ingredients that cause the cooling are menta piperita, methyl  nicotinate, and  vanillyl butyl ether, so if you have issues with either of those you may want to avoid this.

The biggest problem I see someone having with Wet wOw Gentle O is that it is glycerin is the main ingredient.  If you have really big reactions to glycerin, I would suggest not using this.  However, you use only a very small amount of it and it’s easy to keep it only on your clit to minimize any issues.  It also has several types of silicone in it, but I have not had any problems with it reacting to any of my silicone clit toys.  Aside from that though, it is paraben free and latex friendly, so you should have no trouble using this with condoms.

 Overall, I do like the Wet wOw Gentle O arousal gel.  I like that it’s a different sensation than what I’ve normally felt, though I do prefer the cool tingly sensation.  You may want to check the ingredients to make sure they will work with your body, but this has caused no adverse reactions in me at all.  Be sure to keep an eye out for my review of the Wet wOw Max O.  You’ll be able to purchase it soon over at Eden Fantasys.

product picture
Clitoral gel by Wet International

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*This review was sponsored by Wet, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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