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I recently reviewed the Wet wOw Gentle O.  Wet had been kind enough to send me both the Gentle O and Max O, so today I’ll be finishing up with the Max O review.

The Run Down:

wet wow max o

The package

The packaging for the Max O is nearly identical to that of the Gentle O.  The only major difference is the color of the text and logo.  The logo on the Max O is gold and red and all of the text on the box and tube are gold while the Gentle O is silver and blue.  Just personal preference, but the Gentle O is a more attractive design and all to me, but that is because I don’t like gold.

wet wow max o

The tube

The consistency of the Max O seems to be pretty much identical to that of the Gentle O.  It’s a clear gel that runs a tad if you had a bead of it, but it is easy enough to apply.  I’ve had no trouble with it dripping as I’m attempting to apply it.  Like the Gentle O, this doesn’t really function well as a lube though, so I do find I have to add a drop of lube over top of it, as it seems to add a bit of drag.  One thing to be aware of though is it does have glycerin in it, though if you are using a small amount only on your clit, you should not have a problem with it.  It also has silicone, so you may want to be wary of using it on silicone toys.  While I have not had any irritation from this on my clit or gentiles, when I tested it on the back of my hand again, I did have a reaction and it turned a bit red and itchy.  However, I think that is due to having extra dry skin from the start of winter and have been having my hands break out a lot lately.

When I first tested the Max O and Gentle O, I did not notice a difference between the strength.  When I tried it again though, I got a much strong sensation.  While it is the same type of sensation, and lasts about as long, it starts off much more intense.  The sensation is not cool and tingly, but warm, almost hot, and mildly tingly.  For this type of sensation, I prefer the Gentle O, because I don’t really like the warming sensation, so when it is more intense, I try to shy away from it.

Overall, I do prefer the Wet wOw Gentle O over the Wet wOw Max O.  The produce is nearly identical  except in the intensity of the sensation.  The Max O is slightly strong, though not overwhelmingly stronger.  It still produces a warm/hot and tingly sensation, which compared to other arousal gels, I just don’t enjoy as much.  However, if you have tried warming products before and they haven’t quite given you the sensation you want, this may be a good choice.

product picture
Clitoral gel by Wet International

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*This review was sponsored by Wet, the product was sent to me free of charge to provide my honest opinion with no form of compensation*

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