Dating Fail #98

Today’s fail, I decided to pull one from Fetlife.  I haven’t been getting too many stupid messages on there lately, but this was actually from a conversation I started.

Me:  I dig the Torchwood quote in your profile. Makes me want to go back and re-watch it to find it. It’s been a while.

Him:  Hi there, thanks, yep, I’m definitely a fan of the show, but also meant the quote. How goes your week, anything interesting happen?

Me:  Nothing too interesting. Trying to get back into a regular schedule and getting work done and such. Have you gotten out to any events?

It seemed to be going well and we seemed to have a good deal in common.  However a month went by and nothing.  People do get busy and loose interest, but then a month later I got this message:

Him:  A munch, yes, and I was planning on going to more…and then something unexpected happen…I was struck by the awesomeness of a young lady I recently happened upon; for starters, she climbed 10 miles up to Mt. Everest base camp. I’ve been spending most of my free time with her.

For me, it was the detail here.  He could have just said “Sorry, I met someone”, but he felt the need to include here life achievements.  Adding the detail, especially for such a big feat, just seems like he’s rubbing my face in it.  Oh you were okay, but look at how much MORE interesting this person is!  Thanks dude…

Dating Fail #97

Yep, per usual another real winner from OkCupid.  This guy I’ve seen around for quite some time.  We had a very low match percent.

Him:  Hey sexy. You want to get together sometime and have some fun?

Me:  No

Him:  Why not? :/

Me:  Why would I? There’s very little on your profile and we have an extremely low match percent.

Him:  What would you like to know? That means nothing.

Me:  Yes, actually, it does, so thanks, but I’m not interested.

Another case of trying to guilt a girl into going out with him.  We had absolutely nothing in common and he thought I’d be easy and desperate to “have some fun”.

Dating Fail #96

Another from the archives of my OkCupid Inbox.  This one was a little odd.

Him:  Hey there! Looking good dear. Having any luck here?

Me:  Thanks. Not really any luck here.

Him:  On a scale of one to ten how much do you love bi men?

Me:  Um.. I’m not going to answer that.

Started off okay, fairly generic message, but not bad.  Then he hits it way out into left field by jumping right to asking how much I love bi men, but he gives me a scale!   He has since deleted his profile, but I don’t think he listed that he was bi on his profile, so the comment seemed especially odd.

Dating Fail #95

Another volley of messages from OkCupid.  For this particular set I was feeling extra snarky, which is the only reason I replied to begin with.  Plus, the dude was 53.

Him:  Cute

Me:  Creepy

Him:  Lol ok

Me:  You are old enough to be my father.

Him:  And how did I know that

Really?  No idea?  You clicked on my profile and looked at my pictures and didn’t notice the age?

Me:  … my age is on my profile? And I’d hope you’d know your own age.

Him:  Ok. Not all say that.  Some like

Me:  Good for them. I also have the age range I’m looking for on my profile.

Him:  I understand. But just checking

Yes, I’ll just check.  Obviously all the text and such on this profile is just a ruse to get guys to work to prove they are really interested.

Dating Fail #94

This week’s fail is another from OkCupid.  Now before I start I should tell you that the guys username was “dickthatdontqut “.  Classy huh?

Him:  Z had any good dick lately I’m here to please like you’re typing your style

I was tempted to ask him what good dick was or something about not fucking any zombies so it’s been good.

Me:  Uhh… no thanks

Him:  By that I mean grab a bite to eat perhaps a drink I was wondering if you like black men

Uh huh… so asking if you have any good dick is really just code for wanting to go out and if I like a particular race.

Me:  Still no thanks

Him:  Do you not like black men sorry it the way that I came to you earlier but I consider myself a go getter when I see something I like I try my hardest to get it

Me:  It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. It’s your message and your username and you are also over an hour away. I’m not interested.

Yes… because obviously the only reason why I would not want to talk to him is because he’s black.  Not the awful username or asking if I’ve had any good dick.   But hey, he’s a go getter.  That makes it all better.

Dating Fail #93

It’s always fun when I get to refer back to another Dating Fail.  This post will be the third post about this one guy.  So, back in Dating Fails #82 and #80, this guy messaged me the same message on both OkCupid and Plenty of Fish.  Well, I thought that’d be the end of him.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  A few weeks ago he struck again, back on OkCupid with a new username.

Him:  Hey, what’s up? Want to grab a drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic) or something? Of course after we get to know each other! 🙂

Me:  This is the third time you have messaged me with various usernames…

Him:  Okay and?

Me:  Clearly I am not interested if you’ve attempted twice and it’s gone no where.

I think that should be obvious.  It’s not like I ignored him both times.

Him:  Why

Me:  You copy and paste the same message to god knows how many girls without realizing that you’ve messaged the same girl again. That’s why.

Honest, to the point.  Now this is where it gets good.  I haven’t gotten one of these kind of messages in a while.

Him:  Actually I don’t but God only knows why some fat girl is acting like she’s a super model

Oh, burn dude!  Only not.

Me:  Sure. You’re the one that messaged the fat chick and then got butt hurt when they aren’t as easy as you thought. Sorry!

Dating Fail #92

So I’m getting back after all the stress and decided to really dig deep into some message I’ve been saving just for a Dating Fail post.

Him:  do you want to fuck tonight
Me:  I’m going to go with… No.  Or any other night for that matter.
Him:  Haha I like your confidence
Me:  Thanks, but that doesn’t change my answer

Apparently rejecting a guy is confidence?  Or maybe it was the added flair.  I’m not really sure what he expected by calling me confident.

Dating Fail #91

This fail is a short exchange from a dude that lives in Maryland.  The location part is important.

Him:  hi jen
Him:  busy tonight?
Me:  Yes
Him:  are you busy tonight?
Me:  That would be why I said yes…
Him:  🙁

I had sent the yes quite a while before he asked if I was busy again.  But the fact that he was 142 miles away?  Even if I wasn’t busy tonight, it’s not like we could have done something.  Or ya know… had even talked before.

Dating Fail #90

So one thing guys don’t seem to understand is sometimes girls on dating sites are friends. Which means we talk about it.  It’s always amusing when we get the same copy pasted message from a guy.  Here’s that message:

Hello! Was wondering if you would be open to getting full body massages for free. I need a practice body and yours is perfection to a t. Not being slick spitting game or anything. This is a serious offer. Of course wouldn’t mind being friends as well =)


If interested would love to hear back from ya!”

It sounds like a band pick up line for porn.  Though when I said “No thanks” he replied with “K peace”.  So he’s okay with being rejected.   Always a good trait when you use this approach.

Dating Fail #89

This one comes from Plenty of Fish.  I don’t usually spend too much time on there, but I decided to take a poke around.  I ended up sending an interesting seeming guy a message and he responded right away and we started having a conversation.  That is until he thought it was okay to talk about boobs.

We started talking about geeky things, cosplaying, and cons.  Told him I would like to cosplay as Power Girl and he said I’d do it pretty well.  The conversation wandered a bit until I said I had summers off.

Him:  Why the summers off?

Me:  I teach high school

Him:  Ahh. Fun fun =P Your students must love you.  Hehe

Me:  Why’s that?

Him:  You a hottie teacher =P

Me:  Ahh, thanks

Him:  Your welcome.  What do you teach?

Me:  I teach Engineering

Him:  Yep.  Thats really hot. =P

Me:  how is that hot?

Him:  Science nerdy teacher with big boobs = hot

Me:  Ahh okay.  Thanks I suppose.

Him:  Are we not supposed to discuss them?  I mean two of your 5 pictures you are displaying enormous amounts of cleavage.  Figured you put it out there for the attention it should get.

And that’s about where it ends.  I told him no I didn’t do it for attention (plus it doesn’t work if I did seeing as I don’t get that many messages).  I also only have one that I would consider “enormous” amounts of cleavage.  But seriously, this plays into the whole “rape culture” idea lately.  Just because it’s on display does that mean you should talk about it?  No, it doesn’t.  Plus to assume I do it because I’m attention seeking… that just pisses me off.  Anyone that knows me I am not one to seek out attention.  When I showed this to a friend he said that the guy just got defensive because of my “inability to take a compliment”.  Which made me even more mad -.-


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