Review: Basix Suction Cup Dildo

Today I’m going to review probably one of my least favorite toys.  I think I was out of my mind when I bought it anyways, I mean… this thing is massive.  I guess it was from watching too much porn and seeing guys with these huge dicks.  I had never been with a ‘well endowed’ man and I was just dying to try something big.  Wow yeah… just not for me. But anyways, let’s get to the toy.  The toy for today is the Basix 7.5″ Dong with a suction cup base.

Basix dildo beside a ruler

First of all, buyer beware if you find this at a sex shop.  I think my local sex shop charged $30+ for this and it’s only listed for $18 online.  So yeah, if it’s not a good sex shop stuff can be way way over priced.  Aside from that, this is a jelly or rubber toy, most likely it’s rubber.  It doesn’t say online and I don’t have my packaging for it anymore, so I’m not sure which.  Either way, this is not a very body safe product.  It does say it’s Phthalate-free though. The type of material means it’s porous and can absorb bacteria, which is not good.    Also, because it is most likely a rubber toy, it smells horrible.  I remember opening the package and going what the fuck did I just buy.  It smells like a tire that’s been sitting in the hot sun, but much stronger.  I’ve washed it, I’ve soaked it, I’ve tried everything and the smell doesn’t get any lighter.  The smell will also rub off on anything else it’s near.  I have it wrapped and try to keep it by itself in it’s own travel bag to prevent my other toys from stinking.

Basix dildo along my hand/arm

Aside from the material, this is just a very large toy.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but I guess it’s good that I’ve tried it to know my limits.  From tip to the base it’s almost 9″ long but only 7.5″ from the tip to the bottom of the balls. I’d say about 6″ are fully insert-able though.  So it’s not an overly large toy when you look at it that way, but the girth is intense.  The widest part of this dildo is 2″ in diameter.  TWO INCHES.  That’s just fucking insane.  This is by no means a beginner toy.  This is a toy I could only use when I was very very aroused and with lots of lube, other wise it just didn’t work.  Even when lubed, it just seemed to suck up all the lube and I’d have to apply more shortly.  I always tried to use a condom with it.

It’s also a very realistic toy.  It has the cock head and veins running down the shaft.  However the veins are not noticeable when inserted.  I also didn’t find that the head got caught on my public bone like some reviews have mentioned. The dildo also has a set of balls, though I don’t see that they look at all like the real thing.  Some people prefer a realistic toy, others don’t.  I don’t really have a preference on the manner, it’s all about what it feels like.  Aside from the look, this toy has a soft squishy texture to it.  It almost feels real, but it’s just not as firm as the real thing.  It’s also a very heavy toy, but it didn’t feel like the same type of heavy full feeling as the glass dildo I just reviewed.   This toy would easily replace the baseball bat under your bed, I’m sure you could knock some teeth out if you swung this at any force at someone.

Towering over my poor computer...

This toy also has a suction cup base.  I didn’t find that it sticks to a wall or shower wall very well just because it’s so heavy, it was difficult to position and just frustrating.  I found that it worked better if you could stick it to a surface and sit on it.  You could probably use this in a harness as well because of the base.  It can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, but I recommend using a condom with it and changing it between vaginal and anal.

Overall Rating: 1/5

Pros: Phthalate-free; Suction cup base; Realistic look;

Cons: Not body safe; Smells horrible; Not a beginner toy; Not as firm as it could be; Too big for me

Overall, just don’t buy this.  It kinda is a piece of crap and you could find a nice silicone dildo for a decent price over this.  Plus the smell alone is enough for me to not recommend it.  I am actually going to be sending this in with the Mini Vibro Tease to the sex toy recycling program.  I never use this because it’s just too big for me, guess I’m just not a size queen.  That’s not to say it wouldn’t be too big for everyone, but there are so many better products out there.

*This review was not sponsored by any company, it was a product I purchased on my own and choose to give my independent opinion on*


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