Follow Up Friday: Leaf Life

leaf life

The Life

I reviewed the Leaf Life near the start of this year.  The Leaf line had just came out and there was a lot of buzz (haha, get it?!) about it.  I had reviewed the Spirit as well, which I liked it, but the Life rocked  my socks off and I have to stay it still does.  The shape and vibrations make it my favorite and my go-to clit vibe.  I can honestly say I use this more than any of my other favorites.  When compared to the Je Joue Mimi it’s not quite as strong or as deep of a vibratio, but it works well for me.  It’s just right.  Plus it’s very easy to use and adjust the speed.  I’m still not a huge fan of the single button/push to hold style, but I’ve gotten much more used to it.   I almost never have to charge it either, I’ll give it a charge every few weeks and it’s good.  I’ve only had it die once or twice because it had been so long since I last charged it.

I also loved the package and I actually still use it.  I don’t store this toy in, but it makes a nice little place to keep some of my smaller toys when I store them so they don’t get lost in the bottom of a drawer.  It’s very sturdy.  I don’t really ever use the storage bag for this toy either, it has some other purpose now I’m sure though.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Material:  Silicone
  • Size:  4? long; 1.5? wide
  • Price:  $130
  • Original Pros:  Awesome package; Storage bag; Nice silicone;  Good Vibration; Great shape; Good charge life
  • New Pros:  Package is great for other storage; Great shape; Good vibrations;
  • Originals Cons:  Annoying controls
  • New Cons:  Controls are slightly annoying
  • Original Rating:  5/5
  • New Rating:  5/5
  • Recommended:  Yes

I really love this toy and right now if you head over to Eden Fantasys you can get the Leaf Life for 25% off (or 30% if you add $20 bucks to your order), but only until the 31st.  If you’re not sure check out my original review for more details.

Follow Up Friday: Pure Joy Pleasure

pure joy pleasure from mypleasure

The Pure Joy Pleasure

Today’s follow up is a product I’m a bit unsure of now, the Pure Joy Pleasure glass dildo.  I reviewed this about six months ago.  When I reviewed it, I loved the shape and texture, but my current preferences are for a smoother texture.  I still like the Pure Joy Pleasure, but it is definitely not something I use very often.  The texture is a bit extreme and can make heavy thrusting a bit painful and rough.  This is definitely a toy for slow gentle thrusting with lots of lube.  I do feel that it has more of a g-spot curve than before after using it again.

The New Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie, Dildo
  • Material:  Glass
  • Size:  7″ total length; 5.5″-6″ insert-able; 1.5″ in diameter
  • Price:  $59.95
  • Original Pros: Glass; Very pretty; Unique shape; Lots of texture; Can stand up on its base;  Good size; Safe for be; Pretty easy to clean
  • New Pros:  Still pretty, Good for g-spot stimulation; Easy to clean
  • Original Cons:   No storage bag; May be too much texture for some; I would like more of a curve
  • New Cons:   No storage bag; Too much texture
  • Original Rating:  4.5/5
  • New Rating:  4/5
  • Recommended:  Still yes, if you like a lot of texture

Be sure to check out the full review of the Pure Joy Pleasure and head over to MyPleasure to find it and the rest of Pure Joy line.


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