Review: Naught Secrets Body Fragrance

The idea of pheromones interests me and I’m always curious to see if all the sprays and such work.  A while back I reviews the Simply Sexy spray, but didn’t really notice much.  I thought I would give another type a shot and Eden Fantasys sent me the Naughty Secrets Pheromone Body Fragrance.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Bath and Body
  • Manufacturer:  Classic Erotica
  • Ingredients:  Denatured Alcohol, Water, Fragrace, White Tea Leaf Extract, Copulandrone, Copuline-alike, Reconstituted Andronone
  • Size:  6 oz
  • Price:  $9.99
  • Pros:  Easy to use bottle; Light pleasant fragrance; Inexpensive; Paraben, sugar, and sulfate free; Safe for all skin types
  • Cons:  May be too light for some;  Didn’t really notice that it made me “irresistible”
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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Review: Champagne Lights Candle

I’ve reviewed several massage candles, but I have never reviewed just a plain candle.  You always see in movies people having sex by candle-light, so I thought the Champagne Lights Candle from FunWares could be a fun bedroom accessory.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Misc – Bedroom enhancer
  • Manufacturer:  Kingman Industries
  • Price:  $7.95
  • Pros:  Decent jar; Made from wax beads – neat; Good smell
  • Cons:  Bad grammar on the jar; Don’t notice the “pheromones”; Doesn’t smell like “rain”
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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Review: Simply Sexy

I’ve been single for a while now, so I’ve been looking at ways to attract guys.  I know pheromones are supposed to help so when I found the Simply Sexy perfume sold by FunWares, I knew I had to try it.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Miscellaneous
  • Manufacturer: Simply Sensual Cosmetics
  • Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol (SD Alcohol 39-C), Fragrance, Water, Copulandrone, Coupline-alike, Reconstituted Andronone
  • Size: 0.5 fl oz
  • Price: $11.95
  • Pros:  Discreet attractive bottle; Pleasant smell; Not too strong;
  • Cons: Hard to tell if it’s a pheromone or placebo effect; Works best in closer situations and not so much everyday business
  • Overall Rating: 3.75/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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