Review: Kandi Kisses

I love getting the newest toys on the marker, it’s exciting don’t you think?  I was really excited to try a toy from the new Bedroom Kandi line and Babeland agreed to send me the Kandi Kisses to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  OhMiBod
  • Includes:  Storage box, charger, Kandi Kisses Vibe, and Vibe Cap
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic and Silicone
  • Size:  4″ in length, 1″ in diameter (base),  0.75″ in diameter (silicone)
  • Price:  $59.00
  • Pros:  Nice packaging; The toy itself is discreet; Small and travel size; Quite; Pretty strong; Waterproof; Rechargeable;
  • Cons:  Extremely buzzy vibrations; Charging cord is a bit short; Can only charge via USB
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 2/5
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes/No

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Review: Couture Collection Pink Inspire with Accessories

By now, most of you know I’m not a fan of super strong vibrators, but I some how keep collecting them.  For my Sexpert review this month I was sent the Couture Collection Pink Inspire Massger & Accessories, so this will be mostly a descriptive review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes: Inspirie Wand, Power Cord, Dome Cap, Triple Tease, and Dual Exciter
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic and Silicone
  • Size:  Wand – 7″ in length; Dome – 1.5″ in diameter; Dual – 2.5″ long, Triple – 2.5″ long
  • Price:  $104.99
  • Pros:  Small and light weight; Silicone attachments; Attachments easy to clean and remove; Fairly long cord with a jack; Easy to use; Very strong; Fairly rumbly on low speeds; Vibrations transmit through attachments; Quite for strenght
  • Cons:  Packaging isn’t great; Wand is a bit difficult to clean; Corded; Can’t back down in speed; Much too strong for me; Gets buzzier with increased speed; Vibrations dull when head flexed
  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Volume: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: No

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Review: Jopen Vanity Vr8

A while back I reviewed one of the newish Jopen toys, the Vr3.  I’m not horribly found of rabbits so I really wanted to try one of their non-rabbit vibrators.  FunWares was kind enough to send me the Vr8 to review.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  In-ie and out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes:  Vr8, charger, and storage bag
  • Materials:  Silicone
  • Size:  8″ in total length; 4″ insert-able; 1.25″  to 1.5″ in diameter
  • Price:  $105.95
  • Pros:  Great color and texture;  Very nice and versatile shape;  Silicone; Water-proof; Strong deep vibrations; Rechargable
  • Cons:  Packaging isn’t great;  Not a bit fan of the controls; No patterns
  • Intensity: 4.5/5
  • Volume: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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Review: My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit

This month I was sent a My Mini-Miracle Massager to review for California Exotic Novelties Sexperts Program.  Not just the massager but the Pleasure Kit.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type:  Out-ie
  • Manufacturer:  California Exotic Novelties
  • Includes:  Cord, Massager, and two attachments
  • Materials:  ABS Plastic/PVC and  TPE (I think)
  • Size:  Massager – 8″ long; Attachment 1 – 1.5″ long, 1″ wide; Attachment 2 – 3.5″ long, 1.5″ wide; Cord – 6″ long
  • Price:  $48.99
  • Pros:  Nice size and light weight; Multiple attachments; Very strong
  • Cons:  Bad packaging; Not the best materials (and still not sure about them); Difficult to clean;  Shouldn’t be used with multiple partners without protection; Runs on wall power; Too strong for me; Cord is a little short
  • Intensity: 4.75/5
  • Volume: 5/5
  • Overall Rating: 1.5/5
  • Recommended: No

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Review: BodyWand Massagers

I know the gold standard in vibrators is the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Most of you know I’m rather sensitive and am not fond of super strong wand style massagers, but I was very interested when I got an email asking for review to review Xgen Products new BodyWand line.  I was expecting to receive just one to review, but I actually got all three:  the Original, Rechargeable, and Mini.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacturer: Xgen Products
  • Materials: ABS Plastic and Elastomer

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Review: Fairy Mini Wand

Today I’m going to talk about an item I won from a writing contest through Scandal in the Choir Loft, the Fairy Mini Wand.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacturer: Media Craft Inc
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Size: 10″ total length, head – 1 3/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ long
  • Price: $49.99
  • Pros: Discrete packaging (kinda);  Flexible head;  Extremely strong
  • Cons: Storage bag could be bigger; Cord is limiting and short
  • Intensity: 5/5
  • Volume: 5/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes, if you need a back massage or super strong vibrations

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