Review: Wet wOw Max O

I recently reviewed the Wet wOw Gentle O.  Wet had been kind enough to send me both the Gentle O and Max O, so today I’ll be finishing up with the Max O review.

The Run Down:

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Review: Wet wOw Gentle O

A lot of the sex toy and adult product reviews I come across is from Twitter.  I saw Wet post about a new product they were coming out with, Wet wOw.  So I did what any good and curious reviewer would do and sent them an email.  They were kind enough to send me both their Wet wOw Gentle O and Max O.  I thought about reviewing them together, but I decided to do them separately, though I will probably do some comparing in my Max O review.

The Run Down:

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*CLOSED* Mega Giveaway: Celebrating 200 Reviews (and counting!)

Most of you are aware just about 3 months ago I hit a bit mile stone with having my blog for a full year.  Who would have thought I would hit another big milestone shortly after that!  Yes, I have completely 200 individual reviews.  That’s half a review every day and 3.8 reviews a week!  Not too bad huh?  So what does any self respecting sex toy blogger do when they have a big mile stone like this?  Give stuff away!  And boy do I have some stuff to giveaway.  Let’s get right to it and see what lovely prizes we have to offer:

Lelo Lyla

 The Lelo SenseMotion Lyla.  FunWares has been kind enough to provide a Lelo Lyla in your choice of color.  This remote bullet comes with a super spiffy remote that allows you to use your motion to control the level of vibration.  If you want to learn more, please check out my review of it here.  Open to all (US and International).

Wet has offered up a Wet gift basket filled with their products!  I’m not sure exactly what will be in this, but you can bet you’ll get a bunch of goodies and samples to try out.  Open to US and Canada only.

trust massage oil

Trust Massage Oil

A bottle of the wonderful and pure Trust Massage Oil.  This stuff seriously rocks some socks off plus it comes in a beautiful blue bottle.  If you haven’t read my review on it, you should.  Open to US and Canada only.

Eden Fantasys is providing a $25 gift card to one winner.  They have a huge inventory of sex toys so think of all the things you could put that towards!  Open to all (US and International).

Busty Aichan

Queen Cat has offered up not one but two awesome prizes!  One lucky winner will get a Busty Aichan, a super realistic breast masturbator.  This retails for $184.99 and it’s made from Succubus skin which feels awesome.  Who wouldn’t enjoy this?  You get two squishy boobies to play with.

Queen Cats also offered a Venus Real Male Masturbator in the Hard texture.  I’ve reviewed the Succubus Standard Ripple, which should have a similar feel to both the Busty Aichan and Venus Real so you can check out my review.

The Busty Aichan and Venus Real Male Masturbator are open to US only.

Nexus G-Play

Nexus has been kind enough to offer one winner their choice in G-Play, either small, medium, or large in their choice of color (black, red, pink, or purple).  The G-play is made from medical grade silicone and has an ergonomic design with steady strong vibrations for men and women.  Open to US only.

Evolved Novelties has offered a Fleur De Lis Bliss to one winner.  Enjoy it’s smooth undulating ribs and three speeds controlled by a single button.  Open to US only.

evolved faith from toys2tango

Evolved Faith

Toys2Tango has been very generous and has offered not one, not two, but EIGHT items.  First up they have offered two Faith vibrators, one white and one black.  The Faith from Evolved was designed to help raise awareness and support for breast cancer.  A portion of the proceeds for every Faith vibrator purchased goes to the Save The Ta-Tas Foundation.  So even if you don’t win one of these, you should go check it out and pick one up for a good cause!

Next up, the Lelo Bob.  The Bob is something I’ve been wanting for a while.  Yes, I know it’s a gentleman’s plug, but I just can’t resist it’s sleek shape and manly colors!

Also up for grabs is the Icicles #7 from Pipedreams.  Mmm glass.  I love glass toys and I’ve reviewed both the Icicles #10 and Icicles #18.  I really like the Icicles line and the bumps on the #7 look pretty fun.

inked dildo

Inked Glass Dual Probe

Yes, there is more glass.  Toys2Tango has also offered an Inked Glass Dual Probe.  This is another one I haven’t tried but it looks pretty interesting, especially if you’re into Ink.  Plus you get two ends to use!

Not enough glass for you?  Well how about the Crystal G Cyberglass G-Spot Wand?  This is one I’ve had my eye on for a while because I love the shape and the light design.

fetish fantasy door swing

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Toys2Tango has also offered up a book called Toygasms from Ticklekitty Press.  This is actually a book I’ve reviewed, so you should go check out my review here.  It covers many techniques for using toys as well as the many kinds you’ll find.

And last but not lease is a Fetish Fantasys Door Swing.  A love swing seems like a new way to take your sex to new heights (get it?! sorry bad pun…) so why not be able to turn any door into one!

All toys from Toys2Tango are open to US only.

liberator decor wedge

Decor Wedge

Liberator has agreed to let me giveaway a product I’ve previously reviewed, the Decor Wedge.   This is Liberators classic wedge shape, with a home decor look.  You could easily leave it laying on your bed to look stylish and no one will think you really use it to get naughty with.  Open to all (US and International).

tantus luke

Tantus Luke

Tantus is sponsoring something fresh off the line.  The Luke is the newest realistic member of the O2 family.  Avaliable in Cream, Cocoa, or Black, it’s designed to work great in a harness and is around 1.6″ in diameter and 5.5″ in insert-able length.  Open to US only.

Blossom Organics is providing two lovely prizes.  The first prize is the Warm Sensation Duo, which is a full sized (4 oz) Warm Sensation Lubricant and a full sized (3 oz) Warm Sensation Oil.  I have not had the chance to try either of these, but they’re 100% free of harsh ingredients and made without parabens, petroleum, silicone, alcohol, hormones, dyes, or fragrances so you can simply enjoy them.

The second prize they are offering is a Deluxe Duo which comes with a  1 oz Natural Moisturizing Lube and a  5 mL Arousal Gel.  I have reviewed both of these products and I enjoyed them both, so check out the moisturizing lube review here and the arousal gel here.

Both the Warm Sensation Duo and Deluxe Duo are open to US residents only.

rianne s matryoshka

R.S. Matryoshka

Rianne S. has offered a Matryoshka to one winner.  I reviewed this cute little toy a few months ago and I have to say it’s adorable.  It comes with a very awesomely discreet charging case so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes when you need to re-charge.  Open to all.

This is a brand new company with a very spiffy product.  MyFixation sells a very unique Couples Vibrator and they’ve provided one for me to review and they’ve offered to give one lucky winner their delux bundle that includes the Couples Vibe, Panty, and Lingerie Companion!  The Couples Vibe is designed to be worn by the female partner and fit between both partners and use the pressure between partners as well as vibrations to enhance your experience.  Unlike the We-Vibe, this has no insert-able portion.  Instead, the vibrator attaches to some straps on a cute lacy “panty”.  Very niffy.  Open to all.

tantus flex from shevibe

Tantus Flex

SheVibe has been kind enough to provide a wonder new Tantus product, the Tantus Flex.  The flex is designed to be a fun way to experiment with double penetration with a smooth dildo for vagina penetration and flexible beads for anal stimulation.  It also vibrations!  Open to US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

MyPleasure is sponsoring a Purple Pleaser, a little toy I reviewed recently.  This is a great toy that can be used for g-spot stimulation or as an anal plug.  It’s not large so it’ll work well for beginners and can still be enjoyed by more advanced players.  Open to US only.

You may have seen my review recently of The Explorer #1.  This is from a new company XTCNATION and they’ve agreed to sponsor a prize to one winner.  The winner will get their choice of any one (1) steel item they sell.  You can choose from The Punish #2, Ben Wa on a Stick, and many more.  Open to US only.

Babeland had agreed to sponsor one of the new PicoBong toys, the PicoBong Kiki.  I just reviewed this cute and colorful toy so you can check that out here.  I think it’s seriously cute.   Open to US only.

So there you have it, 26 pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) prizes.  To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.  Please be sure to check our the Terms & Conditions at the end of the Rafflecopter form.  There’s a ton of ways to enter, so get to racking up those entries!

And remember, you must complete the mandatory entry for all your other entries to count.  For the mandatory entry you need to leave a comment on this post and tell me which prizes you would be interested in receiving.  Include everything you want, don’t limit yourself!  Since there are so many prizes, I will allow a single person to win up to two (2) items.

Do not just list two items in your comment if you are interested in 10.  If you only list two those are the only two you will be entering for a chance to win.  The only restriction is if I draw your name for two prizes you want, I will not continue to assign prizes to you at the end.

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Review: Wet

I’m taking another break from the sex toys to review some erotica for you guys today.  I haven’t been a huge fan of erotica, but I figure I just haven’t found the type for me yet.  When I saw Wet – Noir Le Chat on’s adult bookstore I was attracted to the cover so I hoped it would the erotica I had been searching for.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Erotica Book
  • Author: Noir Le Chat
  • Publisher: RBAY Publications
  • Pages: 136
  • Size: 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 0.25″
  • Price: $12.00
  • Pros: Attractive cover; Easy to read print; Fairly discreet if sideways on a bookshelf; Standard size book
  • Cons: Very vanilla sex; Stories are all similar; Males lack action typically; Very romance-y with bad metaphors; Drop fake ‘brand’ names
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: No

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